20 July 2015

Hot Rod Evolution

The "king of clubs" car show and drags were last week.
It's a perfect deadline for local hot rodders
to finish up their projects.
This coincided with the dire need for rubber on the wife's ride.
A definite "holey chit" moment 
when I noticed the rear tires treadless surface!
Maybe part conscious procrastination,
but really needed to make sure the daily passed smog first.
At the tire shop,
a slew of east county hot rods were getting tuned up.
Always good to see a coupe 
making passes down an open industrial street.
The rear tucks down,
the suspension twists as it loads up...
It got me to thinking.
Were these traditional hot rods?
Nah, not by a long shot.
These were more like power rods,
they would definitely kick my ass off the line.
Each car had a little funkiness going on,
a result of mishmashing old and new parts.
Still ya gotta appreciate a good runner.

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