14 May 2015

tail of the white van

You guys remember this?
It's like walking around with toilet paper tail 
hanging from your pants.
Also since the doors wouldn't shut right,
the light switch had to be rigged.
A temporary fix,
sometimes the interior lights wouldn't shut off.
I actually pulled out the bulbs.
Enough already!
The hunt was on for a replacement.
The first junkyard was a washout.
The second junkyard had a couple options,
and all white!
The first door looked great on the outside,
but the inside was hammered.
The second was from an earlier model.
Decent outside,
but the inside had a molester van feel.
Fingers were crossed for the third van.
A little beat up,
but this one had a good work van vibe.
Make sure to bring a star wrench!
Last time we'll see this fancy grill on the road...
Back home I enlisted child labor.
So enthusiastic.
Once we got started,
Jake was unstoppable.
The issue with this door was the bottom lock was busted.
No problem for younger hands.
Sad to lose the stickers.
New yellow caution tape brightened up the rear.
Thanks Jakob!!
Now we'll not drag the neighborhood down...

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