25 May 2015

persichetty - 1974 sansui goodness

The realization that this wasn't the right time for tube amplification,
left a gaping hole needing to be filled.
The broken dynaco st-70 was sent away,
and a week later another discovery appeared.
This is the first time I've received shipped stereo equipment.
No really!
There's a rule about double boxing,
but these guys didn't quite get it.
Typically the second box has a couple inch cushion all around...
...which means top and bottom too.
Just as important,
as that is where the throwing around impact is,
besides the fact this was on the porch upside down!
Fingers were crossed,
there was a healthy amount of bubblewrap.
1974 sansui au-7700 integrated amplifier
and tu-7700 tuner.
Seemed to be in good shape!
The understated black was really a sign of things to come.
After a knob swap on the amp,
now appearing a bit more correct.
The tuner was missing the big knob already.
These knobs are solid aluminum.
Cool tray style connections over heat sinks out back.
Even cooler plastic RCA plug covers.
This was a really clean set.
The 80 watt sansui qrx-8001 was so heavy, 
it had busted the cheesy shelf.
The bright green now replaced by a single red dot.
But would it sound as good?
Thankfully the sound was clean,
no hum,
and at 50+ watts per channel,
this little amp cranked those big la scala speakers.
The tuner picked up FM without an antenna!
After a couple hours no overheating or screeching,
and 2 notches on the volume was already too loud!
Definitely more my style,
especially at half the cost of a broken tube amp!


  1. Used to have that amp! Gave it to a friend and it lives in his wood shop now. Cool that you found both units together.

    1. Amazing that a 40 year old amp can sound so sweet!
      This one was such a deal with the tuner.
      It's replaced supposedly better equipment!