13 May 2015

Big Chit

Saw these at the local sandblaster/paint/powder coat place.
Lotsa fitting and welding!
So many passes on that joint.
I wondered how they made the half-sphere.
Must be some kind of bar ends,
like giant radius rods.
Big ole pins or bolts...
This was cool too,
some kind of fluid system.
The vanes were interesting,
either to straighten out the flow,
make them hum/whistle,
or to stop creatures from crawling through!
On the other end of the spectrum,
metal scrap trees.
I wouldn't be surprised if the artist gets paid more then the structural fabricator.
A couple weeks later the ends were blasted and primed,
a strong zinc chromate primer typically used when more welding is needed.
A lot more detail with the paint vs powder coating.