07 January 2011

enter the dragon

I have 2 boys - Jaxon 10 and Jakob 9.
They've finally reached the age where they can watch, understand and remember movies.
so for the past almost year or so we've been using Netflix and rehashing movie memories of my childhood.
Not too many too fast, don't want to burn them out. (or get them too hooked on the oldies!)
It make it easier that we don't have cable TV,
so the time in front of the tube at home is really limited.

We started with James Bond #1 and we got up to #13 so far -
I forgot how corny some of them were,
but they've got some good stunts, crazy gadgets and its good for the boys to like boobies!

I'm not going to repost youtube clips of every movie we've watched,
but this boat chase scene has got to make you want a crazy 70's ski boat!
 (find part 2 after, its ridiculous)

So the reason I'm writing about  this -
I just got to say that tonight was like a milestone night with the kids,
actually with the whole family.
Everyone was in a, well a bitchy mood for some reason, just a long day for everyone I guess.
Instead of doing a short work night at the shop and being burnt all day,
it was the perfect time to watch one of my probably top 10 movies - Enter the Dragon.

They were a little skeptical for the first 10 minutes...
but the story was strong enough to grab them and not let them go,
and they loved the fight scenes...

A couple years ago up in Ventura, they both had taken Aikido classes.
Its not much for fighting at 6 and 7 years old, but good for discipline, strength and control.

Wish Jaxon's videos had turned out but by then the battery had died.
Sorry Jax!

We all had a great time,
and after we must have replayed the fight scenes at least a couple times each.
The sounds are so crazy, and Bruce Lee is just plain bad-ass.

They loved this part!

Now, please don't have this backfire and get in fights at school...


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