27 January 2011

chief - lives!!

Unbelievably, Luke and I got Chief running,
and not running as in oh the engine starts with some random wires and a squirt of gas,
but running using all the switches, plumbing and wiring that will be the car.

I gotta say really that it's not unbelievable.
Luke and I make a good team when it comes to completing big projects with little time,
actually a ton of time but only in one day!
I think we worked almost 15 hours with hardly a break!
Not many people can work until 3am,
and also work until 3am without being useless.

The bummer is he's moving back to his hometown San Jose.
But that's only a 6 hour drive away,
I'm sure I'll get him down here to help out again.
Thanks Bro!


I am astounded at how much got done, right too.
Screwed up and didn't take a picture with the headlights on.
(May edit later)


The only thing needed to drive it (safely) is bleed and adjust the brakes.
What was I thinking, working headlights  before brakes?
Oh well.
I'd like to adjust the clutch too and synchro the carbs but thats easy.
After the GNRS i'll do the overdrive switches, reroute the oil dipstick,
double battery switches (2 6volt), foglight wiring, last half of the bellypan...

Really I just want to drive it!

See you guys up there...


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