18 January 2011

Chief - holy chit GNRS

Last Wednesday got a letter in the mail that change the course of the rest of this month.
In a good way.
I had sent an application for the Suede Palace in early December,
and I'll admit my pictures were less than flattering,
so when I didn't hear back it was understandable.

When I saw the envelope...oh shit...
So now the thrash is on.
What was I thinking lollygallying for the past months!
Holy Chit, the grand national roadster show!

I'm a deadline type worker so this will be a good way to get back on the road.

chief - holy chit

There's alot to get done so I made a 2 week plan.

First week - finish fabbing stuff up that is missing
Second week - rush to do the important stuff that makes it run.

Good plan, huh!

buttoned up

You guys didn't know this but all that stuff was never bolted down.
Now it is at least, amazing how much time the tedious takes.
Please don't look at "slot orientation" of the fasteners, not that picky, kinda.

Hi or lo - lo

I ran this with the original low intake,
although the tall thickstun was cool,
it had bad juju for this car.
Also I don't have to modify any linkages or hood.

belly pan

I am now trying to finish up the bellypan.
Its just a simple flat bellypan,
that's all it had before and all it needs.
I think every performance car should have a bellypan,
not that this is a high-performance car!
I've tested it both ways, and its a world of difference,
just feels more slippery.

got to get chit done.
I'll try to update little by little.

Thanks Axle and Celeste for getting me in there!

And if any of you go up there say hi,
at least to chief!


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  1. Wow, you have a lot to do in two weeks. I can only wish you luck.
    But I'll see you there. AJ