21 January 2011

chief - motivation

Crunch time.
Less than a week to go.
Today is (hopefully!) wiring day.


The original plan was for all new wiring and use the old switches.
Than I finally found the old harness and considered just cleaning it up and reinstalling it,
it was a bombproof harness, all soldered and shrink wrapped ends. time saver.
Than I considered moving the fuse box to the frame and blah blah blah.
Than I realized that I was thinking months and years ago,
and there were reasons things were placed as they were.
As I get more spun out the main thing is to not re-engineer the plan,
just go forward...
So the revised plan is to mix it up, replace some wires - headlights, fuel pump...
 and reuse others - charging/generator-regulator...

A ton has been getting done though.
Its funny cause instead of completing one project,
I'll bounce around doing whatever I can get done the fastest.
The method actually works.


Lotsa stuff just takes time, as it needed cleaning or rebuilding or painting.
I don't want to redo stuff so its worth it to do it right.
slowly but surely

I added a couple brackets? to hold down the center of the windshield.
It really stiffened it up, and didn't burn the nickel plate on the other side, whew!
Fortunately the plexi-glass fit with only a small notch.
My brother Trevor gets the job of redoing the glass though,
he cut and buffed these and he's got good attention to detail that I'd rush through!


The front half of the bellypan is basically done.
I'm happy with it, from the top anyway!

way better

Damn, nasty looking starter there.
There's always something!

Chief -motivation #1

I've been looking at old pics alot lately,
seeing how certain things were positioned.
It's actually given me alot of motivation,
the GNRS show will be fun and is a great deadline to shoot for,
but really having it on the road after over a year and a half takes the cake.

old shot 

This is also where my goal for the deadline shifted.
I love driving to the shows, or just driving the RPU around.
However I'm planning on being a little bitch and using my cousins trailer.
Yeah Yeah Yeah...
There's a couple reasons -

One - I don't want to get stuck 60 miles away and miss the shows load time.
Two - Its probably the shiniest and cleanest it will ever be,
so since it is the GNRS (suede palace but still)  it is a good place to be shiny and clean!
Three - I don't want to half ass stuff just to get it freeway reliable.
Four - I can camp out in the van instead of blowing money on a 10 hr hotel stay.

trail or trailer?

There's enough time for time for that.
So now if I can at least jockey it around that will be fine by me.


6 days.
Holy chit.


Ok, times a wastin...


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