20 October 2017

Whaler Resto XX - final bye bye

This has been our little secret for the past year.
No we didn't paint it,
we ended up letting it go bye bye...
And dang the new owner basically changed it 
from a family cruiser,
to a bloody decks fish machine.
Bummer to see all that work torn off,
but what can you do.
The duckets came at a crucial time,
we were able to pull off the PDX move much easier.
If we had stayed in SD,
there's no way we would have ditched it.
The old whaler had become a backdrop
to many great memories,
never letting us down.
Gave the kids a bunch of lessons,
maybe the seed to not always be landlubbers.
And the dogs too...
One of the last jaunts was a good ole bay cruise.
We were trying to push pig out!
Dang this phone has lotsa pics!
Obviously the boat became a fixture.
It was normal to have to walk around it.
Sadly it was a turning point in hot rod building.
My focus had veered greatly,
this thing siphoned my energy away 
from our Ford collection.
In typical perich brothers and sisters fashion,
starting with the most beat up,
barely worth the time donor.
Well the new owners got it all gussied up.
He definitely didn't hold back on the white paint.
I don't think I'da painted the engine,
that yamaha was so cool original.
But it's neat to see some clues of its past.
The rails and motor mount are hard to miss.
Someday we'll get another...

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