30 October 2017

Marantz Model 112 Tuner - LED wow

Gotta start purging some posts I've got stockpiled.
Here's a boring how-to mini-project 
I just finished.
Portland craigslist is addicting.
There are some great deals,
that would be scooped up in seconds in San Diego.
Here they linger for days,
and it's still possible to lowball a better deal.
This seller was interesting.
Willing to give up a Harley restoration shop,
in trade for a life busking a$$,
singing on the streets for money.
He was gonna start taking voice lessons even.
We had an interesting conversation,
paralleling shop stories of projects done for chump change.
I went to a life as an indentured government servant,
he was looking for freedom.
Ahh getting old...
Well we needed a tuner,
as the sansui au-717 is just an amp,
and recently I've been hooked 
on the local jazz station KMHD 89.1fm.
It's a great backdrop to life.
Stream it sometime 7-10am and 3-6pm.
Good chit.
This is the first Marantz piece I've scored.
Many love the brand,
but they're a rare bird in SD.
This Model 112 tuner had good reviews,
even though it's a bit simple.
The little machine pulled in radio stations
with the shortest of antennas.
The only issue being some burnt "fuse" bulbs.
LED upgrades were found on eBay,
and the install was about 3 long songs,
with one shot of whiskey.
Wow what a difference!
I'll definitely stick with the hi-tech upgrade
for future projects.
They use less energy,
don't create melting heat,
and supposedly last forever.
Way more rambling audio fixes in store.
Our new place has the perfect repair bar,
and I've been hunting craigslist like a madman.
Now time to crank some tunes...

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