11 October 2017

mellow yellow

After 20+ years on my own,
it's been tricky adjusting to a boss/peon hierarchy.
However this job really feels like retirement,
following a "do what ya think ya need to do,
as long as the basics get done first"
type daily strategy.
At times it seems like I'm screwing off.
Thats usually when doing something on the high priority list.
A little bit of mowing,
a little bit of fixing...
I usually get in trouble for squeezing in random projects,
the type that fill up small chunks of time
before breaks and lunch.
Union rules require 10-12-2 interruptions.
These are the projects that I want to do,
so I'll rush through the "important" stuff,
instead of milking an easy job the whole day.
The funny thing is,
it feels like I'm sneaking around,
when trying to add in extra work.
Probably cause my boss doesn't approve of multi-tasking!
On my review,
I actually got dinged for having more than one project.
Still don't quite understand that.
Well if I'm going to get busted,
it may as well be for working harder,
or trying to make things look nicer,
or trying to make things work better!
These rolling gates have bugged me from day one.
The wheels barely rolled,
and the yellow had faded and chipped,
camouflaging instead of standing out.
We had boxes of yellow spray paint too.
Ya know how I love to rattlecan!
It'll take months to sneak them all in...
The back gates were ridiculous.
I'd wondered why the rubber in the wheels was diagonal.
They don't turn,
so they'd drag them around.
Not a problem with the short one,
but the 20 footers were a pain.
Little hitches were cut and welded,
and a roller was modified to allow sharper turns.
This brought them out of the caveman era,
and into at least the 19th century.
Yea the little things...
fun stuff nobody else has to think about!


  1. Standing ovation! (and your boss is an ass for writing that eval)

  2. Good luck with your "lottery ticket" job. I was 48 yrs. old when I landed mine. 14yrs later I walked away with as muck retirement income as I was making at the time. Now 7 yrs later I think my lucking stars everyday for my retirement.

    1. I feel like it's early retirement...
      No more getting paid 6 hrs for 11 hrs work!