29 June 2016

not ski nautique

Man I've been lagging with the posts lately...
Fortunately it's been busy,
and now the kids are out of school.
I thought it was busy before!
Here's a recent project.
A friend Rich got this boat for the sole purpose
of heading out to Ralph's for surf sessions.
(A kinda remote spot off Point Loma)
The boards were getting battered 
in the relatively small space.
He waited patiently for weeks
while I got my chit together...
His first idea was palapa style,
with vertical tubes set up in a big square.
He had tubes bent at a local shop,
who crimped them like hacks.
He would've been happy with a cube structure,
just to save his boards.
No way could I ghetto the old Chris Craft,
even if 90 degree fish-mouth joints 
are easier to make.
This was knocked out in one big day.
The angled bars still make a massive rack.
Now it looks like an old Ski Nautique.
Way cooler.
It's been a real surf machine,
guess he's gotten 4 boards up there!
I need to get a loaded pic...

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