02 September 2015

mini-truck love

The first day I drove the truck to the shop,
the mechanic Alex said I'd better get a cut-off switch.
On the coil not the battery,
so it takes longer to find.
On our monthly trip to the TJ dentista,
we decided to drive the truck,
save some gas.
I locked it up and hoped it wouldn't get stolen.
In the past two months,
they've bricked the walkway to the border.
It's hard to see how wavy it is,
I don't feel bad at how our bricks line up!
When we got back to the truck,
the door was unlocked.
Could've sworn I locked it.
And what was this in the key slot?
No tools,
just a homemade nail blow-dart from the kids,
the perfect extraction device.
The wife was amazed,
she thought The rip-off comment was a joke!
Out of all the cars on the street,
never had this problem with the fakey p-71.
Must be the rims.
Fortunately nothing was missing.
And we have a new shank!


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