20 September 2015

CAREG.com DMV registration scam

It's taken me years to figure out 
an easy way to save a couple bucks,
by paying car registration on time.
AAA made it quicker than the DMV,
but paying online is even faster.
I like the smaller registration cards they send out too,
cooler than the huge dot matrix printouts.
The iphone simplifies things even more,
especially on a Saturday evening.
I don't even have to go to the computer.
I googled DMV,
and clicked on a DMV website...
After clicking the registration tab,
the registration search had a new format.
Must be the mobile version.
After filling the license search form...
It was surprising to see a higher amount
then the renewal form in my hand!
What's this extra $34?
At first I got pissed.
Is CA so hard up they're charging online service fees?
$29 for a service fee,
$2 for a convenience fee,
$2-16 for shipping,
and $5 for an email!
I went to the computer and followed the same search pattern,
and realized my mistake.
I hit DMV.ORG/California,
the top hit on the google search,
which linked me to CAREG.COM,
who will happily take more money than your real renewal cost!
Granted it is an AD,
and there are warnings on the screen,
but who reads them!?
They must make a killing,
there's a dmv.org/everystate!!
Wonder how much that ad costs?
The real DMV.CA.GOV website set me at ease.
No wonder they're losing money,
they'll send me the registration for free!


  1. I wish I could agree with you, but unfortunately, the dmv.ca.gov site is absolutely terrible. Every time I try to input my information to renew my registration- I receive error messages. The DMV phone number is awful. I was on hold for over 30 minutes and then the phone call just clicked off. Trying to actually go in to a DMV is a nightmare. The horrible infrastructure of these government systems force me to pay an extra $30+ to third party companies like careg.com :/

    1. That's ridiculous. The dmv website couldn't be any more foolproof... Even setting up a dmv appointment is easy. TP

  2. @Travis. I have used both the service (DMV & CaReg)
    I find CaReg much more efficient as I get me stickers next day paying extra bucks as compared to DMV who gives me after 3 weeks.

    And its not a scam. You didn't read the website properly and thats a mistake from your end. Any one who uses internet know that dmv.org is just information website not official website.

    1. Its still shitty tho, just saying.