17 September 2015

Let's go brickin'!

I couldn't help myself.
A quick peruse through craigslist,
and what do I see.
At the time this ad was posted for 21 minutes,
which means about 8 minutes visible.
We already have an excess of bricks at the house,
but 1104 bricks!!?!
That'd be our 2nd biggest haul.
Texts were returned,
and the deal was sealed,
however that's a daunting amount singlehanded,
the kids are in school now!
No child labor...
This time I'd have to sacrifice these 
for the good of the shop.
We could really use hard ground.
The shop guys didn't know what to expect.
I ordered them around like teenagers.
It was the perfect day for brickin'!
The important part is handling each brick
the least as possible,
which means stacking in 6's for an easy carry.
Basically there's a stacker and a loader or two.
We had the pad cleared in 2 hours!
Jason's truck held about 700,
he calculated 3300 pounds!
Tire bulging status.
The van held the remaining 404,
including some cool stepping stones.
We beat the downpour by 15 minutes.
Now to clear an area to lay these puppies!
Pave the world!

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