07 May 2017

Sloppy's Revenge - stingray chopper

Our good friend Sloppy has a knack for making
cool stuff out of junk remnants.
One of his master pieces is this little stingray chopper.
It's been to Bonneville,
el Mirage and the Big 3 swap meet numerous times.
Well after this swap meet he was so packed,
it seemed safe to leave it at the house for a bit.
We've been lucky the past few years,
only a couple things have been snagged,
that we know of anyway.
Well days turned into weeks,
which turned into months,
and of all things,
someone opened the garage door and ganked it!!
Holey chit...
Hard to say exactly how much time had passed,
but Jaxon quickly posted the loss on "snapchat",
and guess what?
One of his friends spied it on the way to the skatepark!!
Holey double chit!!
They rounded up a posse,
and were able to collect it from the thieves,
most importantly without getting into a scuffle.
Someone had ridden it hard enough to crash,
and wrecked the front springer a little,
while also replacing the front wheel.
The bright green,
most likely why DJ happened to see it.
Good job guys!!
The fiasco spurred Sloppy to head down,
and retrieve the rest of his mechanalia,
before our luck ran out.
I don't think he realized how much stuff he had stashed!
A relief the story had a good ending...

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