04 May 2017

Rag Dilemma

One of the first things I noticed in the workshop,
is the meticulous layout of the rags.
Who is the poor fuck that gets to do that?
Well that could be me.
Actually it was me...
Having a supplied rag source is so handy.
Instead of using a series of rags til they're unusable,
milking every last shred of wipability,
it's quick and easy to use them and dump em.
Now every Wednesday the rag guy comes
and drops off a bag if needed.
Sometimes I'll reuse some not so dirty rags,
and reuse them for sopping up spills etc.
It's a hard habit to break.
Now I'm at the point where it's either layout time,
or leave in the bag time,
or leave in a bucket time.
The last bag I laid out took a week or two.
I'd play a song and do as many as possible.
It's not quick.
Fortunately there's important stuff to worry about!
Like this burnt up well pump controller.
So I'll see if the rag folding is a requirement,
a suggestion,
a carryover from previous mechs,
or just an easy part of the job.
Fun at work!

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