01 March 2015

Narrowly averted - 1938 schwinn superior

Of all things at the Big 3 car parts swap,
this prewar bike frame 
tried it's hardest to fish the money out of my pocket.
Too small and kinda beat up.
But when do you see a 1938 schwinn superior track bike?
Like a hummingbird at a feeder,
I went back to check it out multiple times over the weekend.
Original maroon paint and gold pinstripe,
rare badge and good rider quality.
The only setback was a smashed up kickstand mount...
and the price.
The deal was sweetened on a doubled up purchase by cousin Brandon.
The power of a package deal.
At home,
after an hour of online searching,
I realized this was a trap.
The same trap I'd fallen in with the Holdsworth frame.
Was I ready to obsess with finding vintage parts again?
Didn't give it a chance to grow roots.
Off to Ohio it goes,
along with my grandmothers recycling.

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