03 March 2015

Big 3 - deals?

This should be the last big 3 post of 2015!
Among all the junk,
plenty of 4-wheel deals were out for the pickin's.
Sloppy had his eyes on this beater '59 el camino.
Rough for $7k,
but imagine with a chopper in the back...
Would he take $5?
Not sure if this was for sale.
A definite sleeper,
Basically stock on the outside,
with a newer Ford Ranger running gear.
I think it was a 4-banger 2.8.
Cool idea for a daily driver - cross country cruiser.
This guy wanted $28k.
Maybe I should start throwing my junk together!
Here's the sweetheart deal of the weekend.
A 20 year project that started as a typical farm truck.
Our cousin was jonesing for an old car,
and texted a pic.
I was imagining an independent front,
S-10 framed bondo-ed up POS.
It ended up being a very traditional ford powered hot rod.
Dropped axle...302...8"...c-4...
A smoothly chopped body.
Some funky stuff that could be changed out,
but how could you complain with working power windows!?
Gary scored this the first day for cheap.
it was fun to watch the transaction.
I love spending other peoples money!
Here's my pick,
an almost complete 1932 sedan project.
No paint to hide the flaws,
a solid start.
A couple friends were slinging the old ford,
and it definitely won the holey chit award,
for funniest deal.
The story starts on Friday,
a guy with a pocketful of cash is hemming and hawing.
Rotten Rodney and Marlene say they want 20, 
and after some tortuous tire kicking,
 the guy offers 18...
A little on the short side but cash is king.
The guy pulls out 18 hundred.
Suddenly Rod realizes a decimal error.
He was implying $18,000,
the guy was hard pressed for $1800!
That would barely cover the fenders!
They brought it back home...
Good times...

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