10 August 2018

Quick fix - toro 4000d smacker

Here's a "day in the life" episode...
I was buzzing around in the smaller wing mower,
and smacked a hidden trap.
After all these hours 
you'd think I'd know every nook and cranny,..
But dirt moves and wadayado.
This gave me a good slam bang,
totally unexpected.
I wondered why it wasn't cutting grass anymore!!
But what a great excuse 
to pound out a quick metal patch,
while also brushing up my hack repair skills. 
This wood wedge 
is probably how Stonehenge was built.
Typical cardboard template 
and an old scrap bracket for donor steel.
It's been hot,
and getting showered with sparks wasn't happening,
so far welds were doubled up outside,
and only a few small beads inside.
I think it will hold.
The bracket had a handy outcrop piece, reutilized as a stiffener to the banged up inner vane.
Here's a re-enactment of the boom boom.
Even at 5-8 mph it was a jolt!
Smacking something hidden 
doesnt give much to talk chit about.
However when one of the other guys 
fills a diesel machine with gas,
that's another story...
Good times...


  1. Need to add a stinger plate angled up,sticking off the front so it will bounce over the next one.

    I got the same problem with my 1960s Yazoo Master Mower

  2. I don't know what a stinger plate is, but I was going to advise adding a roller, or a caster, so that leading edge gets lifted when the roller/caster wheel is pushed up by some object. Regardless, it was a treat to get two posts this time... I know you're busy, or don't have a lot to post with a step by step photo gallery like you normally do, but, I've enjoyed your blog for years... and it's nuts to think you've been up there for 2 years now!