22 November 2017

A day in the life... fillin holes...

Now that the track events have slowed down,
I'm able to tackle a handful of projects
that were on the imaginary chit to do list.
This warning barricade was put up last April.
It's bugged me ever since,
especially now that high-profile events like 
Indycar are scheduled for next year.
Someone had used a huge aluminum pot
as a manhole cover.
And yea this is a city park!
Holey chit.
It was banged up back when I started,
but something had mangled it beyond repair.
I'm thinking it was one of these boom truck things,
although I'm not sure why it would be out  there.
Underneath hid a gaping trap of a hole,
at least 5-6 feet deep.
A definite accident waiting to happen.
I searched our boneyard for donor material.
It's like the motherlode for scrap building.
Check this out!
A cool drag racing sign rotting away -
Northwest Drag Racing Association.
There were actually 2 of them.
The dragstrip had some fast cars back then.
Lo and behold the perfect chunk of 3/8" steel,
the exact diameter of the concrete ring.
A hole was missing it's cover somewhere...
A quick compass was made with a paint stick and screws,
no need for tape measures here.
I'm not sure what the previous mech expected to do 
with this baby torch.
After grinding a nice radius to follow,
an imperfect circle was hacked out.
Not my best freehand torch work...
It's been awhile.
More scrap used for the guide pieces,
doubling up as finger guards for the pickup holes.
Magic green rattlecan finished off this masterpiece,
now a forever part of Portland Parks...
Yea some damn glamorous stuff a raceway worker gets to do!
More fun at work later...


  1. Have no idea how I found you blog but your work is inspiring in its own quite way. Thanks for sharing the genuine moments of life