19 July 2017

Memorial Day 2017 - 40 goes to PDX

So this happened back in May...
After the 6 month work probation ended,
it was time to figure out the big move.
I thought it best to start by driving
our 2nd iron baby up.
Now that I'm a union guy,
Memorial Day weekend was perfect,
as I could finagle an free paid vacation day in.
Who da thought I'd have vacation days
a year ago!
My plan was to fly down,
weld up a trailer hitch,
and haul up a small load of chit.
The 40 has a 5.0/t-5 and disc brakes,
just like many ford trucks.
The prep didn't go as planned.
We ended up changing the leaking corroded timing cover,
and some other mechanical wrap ups.
Best to get there then to get stranded.
It's always tough to leave the wife and kids.
Jaxon took the morning off school,
my mom was the photographer.
What a send off!
There also is an underlying tension
driving a 77 year old car 1000 miles.
Will the countless modifications maintain?
If it makes it the first 60 miles,
most likely it'll be good to go.
I left at 2pm just in time to get stuck in LA traffic.
At a stopped spot on the freeway,
a guy ran out and gave me a real Cuban cigar!
He said anyone driving that car...
LA ain't so bad!
The straight shot up the 5 went without a hitch.
I pushed it past Sacramento around midnight.
On the last few miles looking for a rest stop,
everything turned black.
No headlights and no street lights!
I babied it a couple miles to the next gas station.
Fortunately just a fuse.
A few hours of cramped sleep,
and the mountain pass was calling.
The perfect day,
jus enough clouds to keep it cool.
A 4000' summit pee stop,
allowing a few obligatory shots texted to the family.
The 40 ran great up and down the hills,
any worries were forgotten.
That's usually when something happens!
The main concern was running out of gas.
The gauge isn't calibrated,
so a few backup jugs were always full.
At a rest stop near Eugene,
a jug was needed.
I'd passed too many tourist gouging gas stops,
waiting for the neighborhood deal.

This was the spot to eat the day old carne asada burrito,
nothin like San Diego Mexican food.
Hopefully we'll find a PDX replacement.
We better for the amount that we eat!
The trip lasted about 27 hours,
not bad with a nap, 
sightseeing and choosing to drive
in LA and Porland traffic jams.

Power parked at the different track events,
lotsa people dig the car,
well both hot rods.
There's something about a driven ride.
Months later,
they finally found a home.
A 2 car garage is a rarity in these parts.
More later!


  1. Hey TP, maybe give King Burrito on Lombard a try. It's been a hundred years since I have eaten there, but that was the go to spot when I lived in Portland. Not SD, but not bad either...

  2. Cool TP! I've been wondering how things have been going with you and the family.

  3. this city isn't going to be any damn good without you! Dang, moving everything up there, that's going to be a lotta trips? Or everything in a big cargo van? If you need help in San Diego, give me a call, I'll do what I can. 619 985 0783 - and since it's been years, I'll remind you that I'm Justacarguy blogger, because it's been quite a while since we've shot the breeze. Dang, it's been since you had your shop in Loma Portal!