11 January 2017

PDX prequel - Martinez

Ok here's a PDX prequel,
how did I end up here!
Long time readers will remember 
our crappy neighbors in 2012-2014.
That era wasn't fun.
Work wasn't super steady,
and as renters it was a war of the wills,
and we were the serious underdogs.
Unbeknownst to most of you,
I've got an urban planning BA degree.
It's helped me in ways 
that have nothing to do with the major.
Specialties were procrastinating til deadlines,
and avoiding or circumventing bureaucracy.
I did learn how to type,
and ramble on writing reports about minutiae.
This blog is a UCSD skills byproduct!
That USP degree did allow me to apply for city/county government jobs,
However after getting reamed on Planner positions,
I had an interest in mechanic/tinker slots.
Would I be happy pushing papers anyway?
Maybe someday...
Apps are all online and easy to churn out modifications,
as they mostly use the same base website.
I bookmarked many CA and OR government websites,
any place I'd be interested in moving the family.
A few times I rose up through the ashes of hundreds of applicants,
and got to the onsite testing stage.
Even longer time readers may remember the Humboldt trip.
Some jobs I passed on,
either the area or the $$ wasn't liveable.
One place I did road trip to was up in Martinez,
near Vallejo working for Contra Costa county.
The little city was nestled in a dead end area,
far removed from the typical Bay Area hype.
It was like Ventura north.
I really liked the small town atmosphere.
Alas I didn't make the cut,
but it was a great excuse to visit friends.
Other things would come up.
Til next time!

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