27 June 2010

war finish & widowmaker

Some of you will know what this stuff is from.
Of all my personal projects this is the one I should be focusing on.
(but as you will see I'm easily distracted)
After a couple weeks of rough polishing and silver brazing,
I dropped this pile off at the nickel-plater.
Of course he said 2-3 weeks but its been over a month,
since i'm not ready for it anyway its a good exercise in patience,
both in the wait and in not getting into other random projects.

So why did I get this...
If you're a craigslist addict than you know its all about the deal, the hunt.
For the price I was expecting a crashed bike,
I was hoping for a wreck to walk away from.
It was so cherry with so many extras I had to load it up.
It's an 80's Godden frame with a Weslake engine, the sh*t back then.
The kids and I had a fun time, now they know why we don't live in escondido-hot!


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